Energy Independence

The spike in gas prices in 2008 had a real impact on the American economy, and on the monthly budget of every American. And every year we rely more and more on unfriendly foreign governments for that oil.

Once the global economy begins to recover and energy demand goes up, the anti-oil agenda—canceling new oil and gas leases, and introducing new energy taxes—now being pushed by Democrats will put our nation at serious risk and lead us back to outrageous energy prices.

There are no quick or easy solutions to our energy problems, but there are real steps we can take to strengthen the weakest links in our nation's energy system.

I believe that to put our country on a path to energy independence, we must:

  • Help increase refining capacity.
  • Develop untapped energy resources—like developing our oil shale resources and exploring for oil and gas on the outer continental shelf.
  • Utilize more alternative sources of energy.

As our nation grows and our energy consumption increases, we must continue to keep America supplied with affordable and reliable energy resources.