Ronald Reagan

“If every member of the Senate were like Orrin Hatch, we’d be arguing over how to deal with a federal surplus, and that’s why I like to think of Orrin as ‘Mr. Balanced Budget’. The United States has been strong enough to deter aggression and maintain the peace, in no small degree due to the efforts of Orrin Hatch. He has been a champion of those who fight for freedom.”

Mitt Romney

“If I am elected President, I’ll need Orrin Hatch on my team. His leadership and clout in the Senate will be critical to less government and more fiscal restraint.”

Sal Russo, Tea Party Express

“In 1976, when I was scouring the country trying to find people to stand up for Ronald Reagan, there were nor very many in the Republican Party that would. Orrin Hatch, however, stood up and was our state chairman. I think he was the original ‘tea partier.’ He has been talking about our issues from the beginning. Orrin is a Reagan conservative, as far as I’m concerned, and that’s as good as it gets.”