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The Hatch Election Committee Releases Third Quarter FEC

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Reports Record Contributions of $1.6 Million for Senate Race. $4 Million Cash on Hand

Salt Lake City, Utah – The Hatch Election Committee released its third quarter fundraising totals today reporting a record quarter of $1.6 raised with more than $4 million cash on hand.

"These numbers have set records for a Utah Senate candidate once again," stated Dave Hansen, campaign manager for the Hatch Election Committee. "While many other congressional candidates nationally have dipped from the second quarter, Senator Hatch has continually increased his fundraising totals.

"What is even more interesting to note is that the Hatch campaign's cash on hand has continued to increase even though the campaign is fully engaged in preparation for the March 15 Republican Caucuses and the April 21 Republican State Convention. The campaign has amassed the best campaign team ever assembled in Utah. We have invested in canvassing the state from corner to corner and ensuring that the Senator's message is heard.

"The Senator is very grateful to the thousands of people from throughout Utah and across the country who believe in his ability to bring fiscal sanity to the federal government and his commitment to repeal ObamaCare, cut government spending, and restore power to the citizens of Utah and other states who are concerned with the direction the federal government is headed.

In addition, many Americans are interested in ensuring that Senator Hatch is in place to take the helm of the Senate Finance Committee to help set the agenda and put our country on a better financial path by stopping tax hikes, reigning in sky-rocketing debt and out of control federal spending, and passing a Balanced Budget Amendment."

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