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Key National Voice Endorses Orrin Hatch For Senate

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Says it would be his great pleasure to give Senator Hatch his endorsement for U.S. Senate in Utah.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT -- Senator Orrin Hatch's campaign for reelection got a huge boost tonight with the endorsement of one of conservative talk radio's superstars, Mark Levin. Hatch appeared on Levin's program tonight to discuss the importance of a Balanced Budget Amendment, and other issues facing America when Levin gave his important and respected endorsement of Utah's Senator.

In making the endorsement, Levin stated tonight it was his great pleasure to give Senator Hatch his endorsement for U.S Senate in Utah. "It would be a sad place in the Senate if we knocked you off in the Republican system in Utah... What's crucial going forward is that we stop the President's agenda, take back the United States Senate and I feel that you would be... a terrific elder statesman to a lot of these other young guys who I'm going to be pushing in these other states."

Hatch responded to this key endorsement by thanking Levin for believing in his leadership, and ability to get the job done. "I am honored that Mark Levin, one of the most respected conservative voices in America would take the opportunity to endorse my work as Utah's Senator, and my ability to continue to work hard for conservative principles in our nation's capital. I have worked extremely hard throughout the years to represent Utah in a manner that reflected our ideals and values, as well as our unique and wonderful way of life."

"Mark Levin understands that my work is not done, and I will be in a unique position to work on some of the most challenging issues in our nation's history. We must hold the line on more spending and big government; and we must stop any new taxes. Levin knows I am committed to doing this, and I am hopeful Utahns will continue to give me the chance to finish the job."

"This endorsement plays an interesting role in Hatch's Utah race when you look at the impact Levin's endorsement played in the 2010 race for the Senate," stated Hatch Campaign Manager Dave Hansen. "Mark Levin endorsed Mike Lee for Senate before the state convention over other primary candidates. His endorsement was cited many times as a key to the grassroots support Lee was able to capture."

Mark Levin has a nationally syndicated talk radio show heard on stations throughout America, including 860 AM in Utah. He is a frequent guest on national television and radio programs, including filling in for Sean Hannity on many occasions. He is a best-selling author of several books and is a constitutional attorney. Listen to the the full radio endorsement. [Download MP3]


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