Personality is the critical aspect of a person which defines who they are. It influences almost every aspect of life, whether it is how we eat? How we speak? And even our choices in friends and partners. It is sporadic that one can find almost similar personality among two people as the factor which leads to the result of character generally varies from person to person.

Personality is one of the main factors which influences a person towards liking another person. It helps in establishing a certain image of a person in another person’s mind, which helps in understanding emotions, reactions, mindset and also their way of thinking. Thanks to the leading psychologists in the world we now know much more about personality and thus here are some of those interesting facts about personality which one should know.


1. Personality is relatively stable throughout life

While personality may seem different to many people from time to time, this is purely based on the judgement of the other person. In a recent long term study which was conducted, it was found that the core personality of every person remains constant throughout their lifetime. There are only 3 aspects which go through minor changes with age and those are anxiety levels, friendliness and eagerness for unique experiences, which are the changes people pinpoint towards.

2. Personality can influence Illnesses

It is a common sight in today’s world where people who are positive thinkers and happy fall sick very rarely and this can all be contributed towards their personality. Many studies have come to the outcome that having a negative personality is enough to make a person fall ill even if they are not victims of the external diseases which are constantly around them. Traits like hostility have been linked to causing heart disease while at the same time, having negative thoughts have been known to cause mental disorders.

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3. A recent study states that there are 5 core personality traits

This has been one such study which has led numbers to spiral to various ranges over the years but thanks to the rigid and intellectual minds of this century it has been established that there are only 5 core personality traits in the whole world them being, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism and Openness.

4.Personal preferences influences personality

In a recent study which was conducted for the sole reason of understanding the personal preferences of people, it was found that even the slightest liking of a person can change their personality drastically. This generally happens because of the change in the thought process which a person goes through as they experience new things in life. A person’s personality can be clearly attributed to their preferences, as this is what makes every single person’s personality unique.

5. Personality can be established using social media

In today’s day and age where social media has become a significant influencer of people mind and thoughts it’s become elementary to understand a person merely by going through their social media accounts online. As it already has all the basic information, one can merely glance through the likes and dislikes of a person and make accurate assumptions regarding their personality using it.